tomfoolery [n] nonsense absurdity, antics, bunk, carrying-on*, clowning, craziness, folly, foolery, fooling around, foolishness, fun, funny business, giddiness, high jinks, horseplay, insanity, irresponsibility, joking, kidding around, ludicrousness, lunacy, madness, ridiculousness, senselessness, shenanigans*, silliness; concepts 230,388,633

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  • Tomfoolery — Tom fool er*y, n. Folly; trifling. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • tomfoolery — (n.) 1812, from TOMFOOL (Cf. tomfool) + ERY (Cf. ery) …   Etymology dictionary

  • tomfoolery — ► NOUN ▪ foolish or silly behaviour …   English terms dictionary

  • tomfoolery — [täm fo͞ol′ər ē] n. pl. tomfooleries [see TOMFOOL + ERY] foolish behavior; silliness; nonsense …   English World dictionary

  • tomfoolery — [[t]tɒmfu͟ːləri[/t]] N UNCOUNT Tomfoolery is playful behaviour, usually of a rather silly, noisy, or rough kind. Were you serious, or was that a bit of tomfoolery? Syn: horseplay …   English dictionary

  • tomfoolery — [“tam”fuM] n. foolishness. □ That’s enough of this tomfoolery! □ The entire evening was devoted to tomfoolery …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • Tomfoolery — This article is about the cartoon series. For the revue musical based on the words and music of Tom Lehrer, see Tom Foolery Tomfoolery is an American cartoon comedy television series made and first broadcast in 1970, based on the works of Edward… …   Wikipedia

  • tomfoolery — noun Mrs. Marks had no patience for tomfoolery Syn: silliness, fooling around, clowning, shenanigans, capers, antics, pranks, tricks, buffoonery, skylarking, nonsense, horseplay, monkey business, mischief, foolishness, foolery, fandango …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • tomfoolery — noun Date: 1812 playful or foolish behavior …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • tomfoolery — /tom fooh leuh ree/, n., pl. tomfooleries. 1. foolish or silly behavior; tomfoolishness. 2. a silly act, matter, or thing. [1805 15; TOMFOOL + ERY] Syn. 1. foolishness, silliness, horseplay, monkeyshines. * * * …   Universalium

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